BANGA 2016 - ASV Performance

BANGA 2016

The development of Banga has been in the hands of Hydros Innovations and their team known for the work done on Hydroptere and the America's Cup boats. To the Team, Banga asked to push the performance of their hydrofoil.
The result is a pure racing foil with a mast  built in prepreg and cooked at 120˚ to obtain maximum rigidity.
The front wing, fuselage and back wing are pressed together in one single piece also made in prepreg.
The mast is connected to the fuselage with a conic head and 2 screws.
It's available with both Tuttle and Deep Tuttle head.
Two are the front wings available: 630mm for conditions up to 20+ knots and a 580mm for stronger winds and/or lighter riders.
The entire hydrofoil weights just 2100gr.


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