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Drone filmed 2015 XR high performance inflatable

February 05, 2015

This is our best high performance SLE kite ever! Built on 3 years of relentless development and proven on the worldwide Formula and Hydrofoil racing circuits, the 2015 XR is the most advanced inflatable kite on the scene.

For 2015, the XR's bridle and airfoil have been finely tuned to achieve incredible stability and stiffness. The results are a kite with near zero luffing, even in the most powered conditions, allowing the kite to hold shape and airfoil. With a weight reduction of about 6% from last year (not a small achievement), accounts for a much floatier feel when going downwind. The upwind sailing speed of the XR were just unthinkable for inflatables just a couple of years ago.

If you are interested in RAM air kites performances, but don't want to deal with all the drawbacks, the XR 2015 is the answer. It offers all the advantages and safety of an inflatable kite with the closest performances to RAM air that the market can offer.


ASV 2015 XR and hydrofoil at St.Kilda Filmed by David Trewern

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