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Proprioceptive Training

January 01, 2016

Proprioceptive Training

Practice is obviously crucial to improve technique in every sport, but top athletes quickly discover ways to improve and get stronger while they can't practice or when they want to avoid the negative effects of overtraining. Our sport is no different. There is a lot you can do in winter to improve while weather and other circumstances make it difficult to hit the water. I am not talking about cross-training today, that definitely has huge effects on your general health and fitness, but something more specific to our discipline that will help you maximize your time on the water especially in winter. It is called proprioception which is key in hydrofoil racing and riding in general and there is always room to improve. Proprioceptive training is inexpensive and very effective in improving your balance and therefore your speed and maneuvers.

Tips: In the pictures below we have selected some classic proprioceptive exercises that can be performed on simple balance boards [available on Amazon or Decathlon]

To specifically improve your proprioception for maneuvering on the board I suggest screwing straps on a simple wood panel and practicing switching your feet from strap-to-strap. Being quick and precise with your feet is key to the success of foiling tacks and jibes and this practice will bring great benefits.

 You'll be amazed !

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