Everything we do at ASV Performance we do with total dedication. Just like all the riders we support, we are inspired and driven by the desire to be the very best. Our line of products is the result of extensive experience  and the drive and commitment of all the people involved to make, ride and race the best gear out there. That's why there are countless companies involved in kiteboarding, but more than any of them, ASV Performance symbolizes racing.

For the past 15 years, kiteboarding has been my life and I grew and developed with it thriving of its constant evolution. In developing high performance equipment, I have found the ideal outlet for my passion and competitiveness and I have  chosen to simply follow my passion.


Simone Vannucci


ASV Racing News

ASV Performance takes first place at the Magnetic Island Sail Marathon.

August 31, 2014

Jason Cane, currently sitting in 3rd place in Sail Townsville, won today the prestigious Magnetic Island Sail Marathon. About 15km downwind race open to all sail boats and this year to kite racers as well. Continue Reading →